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The Story

My journey from a childhood spent in my father's precision tool company to becoming a jewelry designer is a tale of passion and craftsmanship. Born to a Dutch mother and a Swiss toolmaker, my early years were immersed in the world of machinery and creativity.

After graduating from the gold and silversmith school in Schoonhoven, Netherlands, in 1995, I embarked on my entrepreneurial path by opening a jewelry shop in Rotterdam. Over nearly two decades of managing my store, I honed my skills and nurtured my artistic vision.

Driven by a desire to create the pieces I had always envisioned, I transitioned to focusing solely on my unique designs, resulting in the SK2 collection. Drawing inspiration from my upbringing around precision tools, I craft jewelry that blends technical innovation with elegance, often incorporating stainless steel alongside gold, pearls, natural and lab-created diamonds.

Embracing the ethos of minimalism, each creation becomes a testament to clean lines and interchangeable possibilities. With a strong emphasis on interchangeable jewelry concepts, this collection provides an abundance of opportunities for personalization and creative expression.

The various precision-fit puzzle rings that I designed throughout the years, interconnect seamlessly without any visible clasps or fasteners, each piece is meticulously engineered with perfect fit and alignment. This concept originated from the idea of combining the innovative spark-erosion technique with the intellectual challenge posed by jigsaw puzzles.

Next to the SK2 collection, one of the aspects of my work I appreciate most, is creating works tailored to individual client wishes. Whether it be revitalizing a family heirloom or jewelry pieces made from old jewelry worn by deceased loved ones. By combining my vision with expertise, I have created many pieces that have become cherished keepsakes.


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