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Wabi sabi gold signetring2

Wabi sabi gold signetring2

€ 485,00Price

The Wabi Sabi Gold signet ring is a unique blend of blackened steel fused with 22 carat gold.  The derelict appearance gives each ring its own unique character, no two rings are alike.


  • Specs

    Metal: Blackened stainless steel 316l

    Dimensions ring: 4x2mm, 6x2mm and 8x2mm

    22 carat gold: 4mm 0,5grs, 6mm 0,8grs, 8mm 1,2gr


  • Availability

    Eventhough many size are in stock some are not. We manufacture any ring in any size within two weeks.

    If you are not sure about the size you need. Contact us and we will send you a ring sizer to make measurements yourself.

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