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Hotrod30 necklace

Hotrod30 necklace

PriceFrom € 205,00

This steel necklace allows you to mix and match interchangeable steel parts and colorful silicone spheres to create a unique look every time. Set includes an anchor chain, one steel ringlock, one steel Hotrod, 5 steel parts and 4 silcone spheres. Choose from blank spheres or spheres set with sparkling lab-created diamonds for a touch of extra glamour. Combine the chain with the Hotrod bracelet for additional length. Find more Hotrods or colorful spheres here.

  • Specs

    Material necklace: Stainless steel 316L

    Dimensions anchorchain: ø8mm

    Dimensions spheres: ø8mm ø12mm ø15mm ø18mm

    Dimensions Hotrod: ø3mm x 26mm

    Lab created diamonds: 2x0.01crt and 1x0.035crt brilliant cut tw -vs

  • Availability

    Webshop exclusive, only available online!

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